Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Official Post!

Hey all you very keen visitors !

If you've been having a little look see at my blog, please forgive the lack of content, but I am still building this and know very little about doing what I'm doing....ha ha. I've been slowly building it, but had no idea it was up and running and available for all to see.

Hopefully, during the next few weeks, I will have some really cool stuff up here for you to actually have a look at. But first I must figure out what I'm doing, and why my computer won't recognise my card out of my camera? Then I can upload some photos!

Meanwhile this one is already on my computer and is one of my favourite photos, it's of my beautiful Princess .... Jasmine.

What do you think isn't she just gorgeous! Takes after her good looking Daddy... will have to find a good photo of him and show you .... tall, dark and handsome, handsome, handsome!


Bettina Hogerzeil said...

Hi Tracy, Your blog is looking really good...who would think you dont know what you are doing!...So you on you and looking forward to seeing you grow...Love Bettina. xxx

Tracy said...

Thank you Bettina, You are my first Comment posted Ever! How exciting... someone actually looked AND left a This has been such a quick self taught rush, never ever blogged before. Our Mum Melissa has been an AWESOME help!

Karen said...

Tracy - your daughter is a very beautiful young lady!! She looks like a model!!


Bridget Larsen said...

Absolutely stunning-daughter,husband and blog
Bridget Larsen
Canberra Australia