Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wonderful Friend

I created this card last night as my sick little "Bonnie" lay fast asleep at my feet. She is my border collie of 13 years, but I still would like her to live a few more years, God willing?

In the past week she has been given a death sentence of "take her home to die" to.... or maybe not, to... maybe it could be something else, to....or it could still be liver and pancreatic cancer, to....she also has an auto immune disease that is still very serious, to.... hospitilisation, to.....now ..."lets see how this treatment goes". What a rollercoaster ride it has been.

She is not out of the woods and is still seriously ill, but all I knew was, I wasn't going to let her go the way she was without doing something! It has cost me like you can imagine in money, but in tears and heartache like only God can understand.

I love her so much :(

I wish I had a prettier photo of her before she had her coat taken off for summer, but that is on a cd somewhere, and my cd player on the computer is not working, so this is one I took the other day after a very very gentle bath. She is not too well, but you can see her soft loving eyes.

Oh... the card? Sorry.... well it says it all! Wonderful Friend xx


Melissa Garland said...

Oh my dear Bonnie, that is so sad. Sending you all the positive and loving thoughts I can muster for your girl. Get well Bonnie.

Leonie Schroder said...

awww Tracy - my heart goes to you - we lost my Sheba last week which I'm still rather down about. What a beautiful card - I pray that you and Bonnie have many more precious moments together. Luv ya Sis :D

Anonymous said...

So sorry Tracy that Bonnie has gone, I'll miss her.
Sending you all my love and prayers.
Big Hugs and Luv Sis